Re-Creation Unlimited is a non-profit organization that serves the public in parks and campgrounds in the Western United States. It is a life-skill development project with internships available.

Re-Creation Unlimited specializes in training and leadership development while coordinating professionals who volunteer their time to serve the vacationing public to while assisting government agencies. These volunteers raise appreciation for the wonders of nature. They help to build positive memories for family vacations; connect wholesome volunteers with young persons needing positive role-models; and, expand Christian Culture. For more than three decades, RU as a culture mission, has developed methods, and equipped people to live at their wholesome best —all in the great outdoors.

Our Story

The first season for RU was the summer of 1982 at four campgrounds on Lake Shasta (California),National Recreation Area managed by the Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service. Fifty-three volunteers helped that summer, and nearly 3,000 people participated in natural wonders tours, nature interpretive hikes, safety and health classes, local history enactments, “Junior Rangers”activities, Agency concerns for good stewardship of our heritage, and non-denominational chapel services.

America is at its best when on renewal vacations and RU is there to make it even better.  RU? —Preserving the best and improving the rest? Shared adventure is the glue of friendship and RU events turn adventure into a science.  That one summer has extended into three plus decades of public service.

The experiment was a success. ASI Missions, Inc. encouraged an ongoing RU volunteer project and provided a beginning corporate umbrella for the activity. Auto Martin Mercedes-Benz was the first “Business Associate”—providing T-Shirts and awards for all the summer staff and volunteers.

Beginning in 1983, the college and university internship began with two candidates—Nancy Starr and Fred Cornforth. Later this would mature into the “Young-America Heroes” staff positions, which has had 300+ participants from 25+ countries. These young adults, teamed with Senior Volunteer Mentors, make a powerful and fun park team.

In the late 1980’s Re-Creation Unlimited incorporated in the State of Oregon and was awarded IRS non-profit status.

I had many conversations with campers because of the fact that I was from Japan. This is one change in me that I did not expect out of this summer...I am now eager to make a difference in the world by the life I live everyday.
— Aiko Miyade, Cardiology Nurse Specialist

Other training opportunities

WOMEN IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT - A fun-time community class for women to assist them in owning, safely operating, and managing the expenses related to a car.

KEEPERS OF THE KINGDOM - Helping leaders, both community and church, with the multifaceted responsibilities of empowering people with Christian Leadership skills.

ENTREPRENEUR-ISM - A live presentation by Grant Corbett of M Works Corporation. It's designed to excite and liberate young adults to dream big dreams and train to become an owner instead of an employee.

LISTENING TO HEAL - A ten hour class especially geared for the nursing professional. It is also available for CEC units.


  • The purpose for money. 
  • How it works in society.

  • How to get a “best buy.”

  • Why, if you don’t spend it, it shrinks.

  • The reason American women are the best bargainers in the world.

  • How money is intrinsically Christian. . . and much more.

ESSENTIAL LIVING FOR TEENS - This series of lessons is designed for a class at school or church to teach the basics of life-function skills from a Bible perspective.