Volunteer opportunities for internationals

The Opportunity

From around the world to right here in America—RU volunteers are legally present in the US and have come to learn and to serve. 25+ countries have shared some of their finest citizens, participating in RU's park missions. They bring their expertise in sports, culture, music, faith, nature, hiking, bicycling, language, experiences, homeland pride, and a respect for the United States.

Pierre's Story

Pierre's wife, Audrey, had spent a summer with RU several years earlier, and now that Pierre had graduated with a Biology degree and decided to study theology at Seminaire Université at Collonges, they wanted to experience an RU summer together.

The friends and the memories of the summer will last me all of my life. The people here are
so wonderful.... The wildlife is everywhere.... People would invite us after the programs to
go kayaking, or hiking, or canoeing with them. They drove out from the little town to meet us.
It is very special.

We led nature walks; helped with Junior Rangers; played games; had campfire programs; and
held chapel by the lake. Four times I had men who told me that they don’t usually go every week to a church, and they appreciated with different service. After the chapel, some families
invited me to dinner or to their boat for the afternoon. Very nice!

I thank all my sponsors, who have made this dream possible for me. This is the greatest sum mer of my life! I thank God because I’ve learned here so many things that will help me in all my life and in my future ministry.


The Experience

The goodwill results both for the vacationers in the USA and for the International RU Interns last for a lifetime. Whether from Ecuador or France, South Africa or Korea, Japan or Micronesia—the reports are consistent.

“The RU summer was the best summer of my life.” —Recardo Pelacios, Ecuador.

Aiko's Story

During training time, I had to introduce myself. I did not like saying my name because it was different. I assumed people would not get it the first time. I also did not like telling people where I was from — country of Japan. RU taught me not hide the fact, but to use it to make friends or start conversation. It worked. I got used to it. I had many conversations with campers because of the fact that I was from Japan. This is one change in me that I did not expect out of this summer. It’s a great gain. . . . I also learned to value children more. I started to look at them as people, and not bunch of little ones playing or running around which I could just go by paying as little attention as possible. I now look at children as people just like older people. . . . I became comfortable upfront; sang often; and recommend the summer experience to others. I am now eager to make a difference in the world by the life I live everyday.


The Basic Requirements

Basic requirements for an International RU Intern (like Didier Opliger, Swiss snowboarding Olympian) is their love of nature; love for people; practical faith; respect for the United States; and, a basic command of English.

Visit the volunteer fact sheet to learn more. You could become an International RU Intern this summer!

The friends and the memories from this summer will last me all of my life. The people here are so wonderful....
— Pierre Franco, France