In addition to summer volunteering, we also offer the following training courses:

  1. Women in the Driver's Seat

  2. Keepers of the Kingdom

  3. Christian Economics

  4. Entrepreneurialism

  5. Listening to Heal

  6. Essential Living for Teens 

Women in the Driver's Seat

Keepers of the Kingdom

More than 150 college aged men and women have completed the internship experience in the past 10 years.

80% of these are currently in work-related Christian outreach.

Virtually 100% of them have reported that the life-long skills they acquired in the internship program have been among the most practical training of their lives.

Secondary skill training and accountability includes: Task Excellence, Safety Planning, Large Group Organization—skills that make their witnessing credible.

Basic—No charge for training. RU provides housing and a $300.00 allowance for food and personal expenses.

Educational—In addition, at the close of the season, on a pro rata basis, $2,000 is sent to interns accounts at the school of your choice. These scholarships are limited in number and usually awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

Leadership—Additional sums can be added to the above mentioned amounts for students returning to serve with RU or who carry leadership responsibilities.

Missions and personal development

Missions experience—learn and practice the following:

  • Cross-cultural friendship building
  • Encouraging family
  • Deflecting praise
  • Sharing the burden of government
  • Maturing excellence in social-interaction
  • Sharing testimony when asked
  • Modeling Christian values
  • Create “community” among strangers

Personal growth for you:

  • Practice skills of cross-culture missions
  • Develop organizing and leadership skills
  • Apply teaching skills
  • Increase comfort in “up-front” role
  • Practice public-speaking
  • Journaling of answered prayer
  • Develop integration of vocation and ministry
  • Earn civil-service credit
  • Be refreshed with pristine natural surroundings
  • Return to school energized
  • Make new friends

More About RU

Legal Name: Re-Creation Unlimited, Inc.

Definition: A volunteer organization founded in 1982 to train and place active Christians into public service and contact through government recreation agencies. The RU person models Christian wholesomeness at its best.

Function: RU trains interns in how to work with non-Christians in a leadership capacity. They plan, coordinate, and conduct recreation events. They will assist in conducing public worship events for children and adults. Highlighted activities include: games, nature learning, hiking, outdoor skills, swimming, family activities, crafts, local history interpreting, and safety procedures. (Some skills contests are also include prizes!)

Current opportunities

RU has many more requests from parks than it can currently fill. So you are needed now more than ever!

We are currently placing interns in:


I thank God because I’ve learned here so many things that will help me in all my life and in my future ministry.
— Pierre Franco, Summer Intern